At DIG Charters, we carry over our customer service values from our DIG restaurants. We have held on to our philosophy that the most important thing we do everyday is provide hospitality to our guests. Like the restaurant business or any service provider, understanding the needs and wants of your customer is paramount. Chartering a captain and crew for the day is a big deal for many people and extremely costly, we not only value your time and money but work hard at creating a “Tangible” experience for you and your friends, customers, family. It is our belief that if we can provide great customer service and hospitality that our life’s passions of boating/fishing/cruising, will continue to allow us to enjoy life while enriching the lives of others and guarantee success! Reeling in the Fish of a lifetime is a wonderful experience but its the people that you share it with and the overall experience that will create the memories that last a lifetime

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